Frequently Asked Questions

Who established the Stephanie Coral Browitt Necessitous Circumstances Trust (‘Browitt Trust’)?

The Browitt Trust was established by Gordon Legal (ABN 19 624 972 836), a Melbourne-based law firm who have been providing legal assistance to daughter Stephanie Browitt and mother Marie Browitt, survivors of the White Island Volcano disaster of December 2019.

Who are the Trustees of the Trust Fund?

The trustees are Kerri O’Toole, Practice Manager of Gordon Legal and Jane Garrett, a Victorian Parliamentarian. Kerri and Jane are appointed by the Browitt Trust to manage the monies that are paid into the Trust on behalf of Stephanie and ensure the monies are used consistently with the purpose of the Trust.

Who are the beneficiaries of the Browitt Trust?

The beneficiaries are Stephanie and Marie Browitt.

Stephanie and Marie visited the White Island Volcano while enjoying a family cruise-ship holiday operated by Royal Caribbean in December 2019. Stephanie was on White Island with her younger sister Krystal and father Paul at the time of the volcanic eruption. She suffered third-degree burns to aver 70% of her body and lost eight of her fingers. Stephanie spent 6-months in hospital after the eruption.

While Marie stayed behind on the cruise-ship due to her own medical conditions, her daughter Krystal and husband Paul tragically did not survive the injuries they received from the volcano eruption.

What will the monies donated to the Browitt Trust be used for?

The Browitt Trust is what is called a Necessitous Circumstances Trust, which means that the Trusts will be used to ensure that Stephanie and Marie have everything they need and can afford to cover the expenses associated with Stephanie’s injuries and ongoing rehabilitation and care. The Trusts will also be used to assist Stephanie and Marie to maintain their family home, pay for funeral expenses for their deceased family members and ensure that they are able to maintain a comfortable standard of living while they rebuild their lives following this life-altering tragedy.

Am I entitled to a tax deduction for my contribution?

The Stephanie Coral Browitt Necessitous Circumstances Trust (ABN 97 727 529 371) has been established as an Income Tax Exempt Charity and Deductible Gift Recipient. Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. A prospective donor should consider their personal financial circumstances as to whether they may benefit from a tax deduction.

Is there an accountant appointed that will have oversight of the Browitt Trust?

Yes. An accountant has been engaged to ensure that the monies paid into the Browitt Trust are managed responsibly and in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Are any lawyers making money out of the Browitt Trust?

No. Lawyers at Gordon Legal are assisting Stephanie and Marie with ongoing litigation regarding the White Island Volcano disaster on a no-win no-fee basis and will not benefit from monies paid into the Browitt Trust by contributors.

What are the details of the Trust

Name : The Stephanie Coral Browitt Necessitous Circumstances Trust

ABN : 97727529371

Principal Beneficiaries : Stephanie Coral Browitt and Marie Browitt

Registered Address : Level 22, 181 William Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Telephone : 03 9603 3042